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Old men having sex with each other or old men having an orgie/orgy.
"Wow that lemon last night was awesome," says the old man.
by Samanthaaaaaaaaa October 14, 2006
40 31
in the same vein as using 'apple bottoms' to describe black girls with large asses, the term 'lemon' is used to describe an asian woman with a particularly large ass. the shape and color of lemons makes this term appropriate.

lemons are quite rare, so if you happen upon one, be sure to savor it.
oh shit! a lemon! let's follow her and casually stare at dat ass.
by shak_attack April 07, 2011
4 1
1) A species of citrus plant that, depending on variety, produces orange, yellow, or green fruits with a bitter-tasting skin and a pulp which ranges from mildly sweet to very sour. Lemon trees are grown in tropical, subtropical, desert, and some temparate regions.

2) An erotic or adult fan-story about an anime or videogame character which was written by some sick pervert for the purpose of providing wank material for the Wapanese and the fanboy otaku who frequently attend cosplay conventions.
1) Lemon beverages are a popular drink during the summer.

2) The fanboy had a staggering collection of lemons on his shelf, next to the crate of hand lotion and 12-pack of toilet paper.
by anime sucks September 16, 2003
106 103
The word that best describes a socially awkward, lugubrious, and unflattering person, animal, or situation.
1) Why is this lemon on the football team? Go back to being awkward somewhere else, nerd.

2) That was such a lemon move man, she will never buy your mix-tape now.
by Swahilliansugar September 25, 2013
2 0
It's like saying someone is sour, or like, upset.

Often used in Melbournian circles and other cool groups of people.
Don't talk to that guy, he's pretty lemon.
by Toshibajjjjjjjjjjjj April 28, 2011
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A lemon is another word for a lesbian.
1. Amy your such a lemon!
2. Poppy and abbie are such lemons
by rachel mundey June 02, 2010
5 3
A term that discribes any type of new vehicles that needs constant repairs.
Man! I just bought this brand new car & it turns out to be a lemon!!!
by bigg3469 March 23, 2009
5 3
1 a fruit
2 a way to describe something thats bitter sweet, like lemonade.
3 a way to describe something that sucks
4 an enduring nickname giving to ones lover
-pass the lemon, I need to zest it.

-It was so lemon, I did get to see the movie, but now I'm broke.

-what the F*** that was so lemon, the movie sucked AND I'm broke.....

-I miss Lemon, I dreamt about him last night =]
by I am Jack's lack of surprise January 12, 2009
8 6