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A type of pistol made without a hammer, made by Smith & Wesson.
"A masturbating jailbird may or may not be known as a lemon squeezer. Who knows? But there's an actual gun known as one!"
by greenjuice November 24, 2009
Someone that gives you hand jobs.
I could use a lemon squeezer.
by Party Crashers October 11, 2009
Prison term - an inmate who masturbates frequently.
Joe's a fuckin' lemon squeezer. Every time I walk by his cell he's stroking his cock. Last night he managed to jizz on me before I could get out of the way.
by allstar666 June 08, 2005
when you take the sweat from your balsac and flick it onto someones face, thus a lemon squeezer
after an intense workout, i lemon-squeezed pedro
by wonderbread January 20, 2005