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when you take the sweat from your balsac and flick it onto someones face, thus a lemon squeezer
after an intense workout, i lemon-squeezed pedro
by wonderbread January 20, 2005
Noun. A sink of cum; an absolute whore or whorish entity into which large quantities of semen are poured, hence the term 'cumsink'.
I can't believe that skank, she is such a cumsink.
by Wonderbread October 24, 2004
when you poop on a white girls chest and then tittie fuck her, looking like an oops oreo
i gave carla an oops oreo
by wonderbread January 21, 2005
British slang for a fat, unhappy bulimic girl.
Why are you taking her along? She's a complete wilma.
by wonderbread November 01, 2003
counter-strike: source, far inferior to the original 1.6 version, but fun for rich kids who have loads of money, and also a leading reason why CAL is undergoing much internal turmoil given the recent league changes
CS:S - man, that really ruined CAL...we're all going to UGS
by wonderbread March 31, 2005
The process in which an intimate partner sensually caress, massage, and fondle the sexual organs of the other partner.
susan milked Tommy's cock for a massive ejaculation.

tommy made Susan squirt by milking her clit.

genital milking is the best orgasm
by WONDERBREAD January 13, 2015

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