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This term is for when something/someone you desire is not directly available to you, and you want it.
Hot girl walks by you and her ass is just screaming for you, you might say to your friend next to you while you watch her walk away, "Lemme get that butthole!"

Your friend comes over with a 6-pack of beers and your thirst is not quenched, you might say, "Hey dawg, you brought some beers! Lemme get!"
by Italianub March 25, 2010
v. Preferred urban method of requesting something.
1. "Lemme get a McRib, large fries, and, uh ruh, you got any grape soda?"
2. "Lemme get a Newport. Make it two."
3. " 'Meget one em Kools."
by bizook March 09, 2004
a game started at LBJ High School. Rules: If someone around you does something dumb you say "lemme get it" which is accompanied by a hand motion; an open palm, face up, bring the fingers towards you two or three times, then you slap that person on the head.
Tom: Omg a bird just pooped on my car.
Stefan: AHA lemme GET!
by lemmeget May 29, 2008
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