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smooth as butter, as in to melt down and bathe in. Utter indulgence.
like lemar, he was as smooth as butter...
by ClippedAndReadyForAction September 24, 2007
An amazing english (woop woop!) artist who has released 4 albums. Shows that 3rd place on Fame Academy was way better than 1st or 2nd!!!!
he's also very pretty..
-can you remember who beat Lemar on Fame academy?
-can't say I do.....
by Tokyotess December 26, 2008
Unsure, not sure, undecided.
Fifty, Fifty on a decision.

From a UK pop song, in which the Singer Lemar sings:
"right about now, i'm fifty, fifty"
Ian: Are you going out tonight?
Kelvyn: I'm a bit lemar about tonight, we'll have to see.
by Kelvyn April 14, 2004
To laugh a large amount. Derived from lmao.
I LEMARED all over that one!
by MikeBee August 19, 2007
One who just reaks. Has a very putrid smell. Usually a lemar is found in the middle east somewhere and is usually found by his or her scent. A Lemar is usually very nice to people but has a hard time making friends.
1. What the hell is that stench?!

Oh, its probably a lemar walking in the desert over there.

2. Theres this lemar that keeps talking to me at school and like hes a really nice guy but like i dont think i can ever manage to hang out with the guy.
by Walt Air January 21, 2014
"Urban" singer who, for some reason, stresses his vowels way too much.
"The sound of the burrrds and the biiiis, bringin' yuu tuuu your kniiis, is all I wanna duuuuu..." - A Lemar song.
by KHD April 20, 2004