Lebron James luh-brœn,jeymz verb.

1. to distance yourself from anything destined to fail.

2. to end a longstanding relationship in the worst way possible
Brad Pitt is a cool guy but he Lebron Jamesed Jennifer Aniston. bad break ups
by G.O.V October 02, 2010
an incredible player that just entered the NBA last season and won rookie of the year. Overhyped before he entered the NBA but has been able to back himself up as a team player and as an individual carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Playoffs with the help of Zydonis Illgauskas of course.
Lebron James is an incredible player don't get me wrong, but what was wrong was comparing him to Jordan - that crossed the lin of hype.
by Battlegrounds baller March 02, 2005
Arguably the best player in the NBA along with Kobe Bryant, and Steve Nash. Midway through the 2005-2006 campaign averaging 31.5 points, 7 rebounds, and 6.5 assists per game. Has an uncanny talent for taking control of a game with one of his jaw dropping dunks, drives through the lane, or turn-around jumpshots. He also has a knack for making his teammates better, something Kobe doesn't do. The Cavaliers have the third best record in the East and are playoff-bound, under King James' reign. He has also recorded 8 triple-doubles and is only 21 years old. Micheal Jordan was still a junior at UNC when he was 21... keep that in mind.
Isn't it funny how opposing fans boo their own team when their player fouls LeBron James on a breakaway?
by pyralis February 17, 2006
When a woman is standing a few feet from the bed, still facing it, and blindfolded. The man then runs and jumps off the bed and slaps the woman with his genitals.
"Maddie, you have a huge bruise on your face!"
"Yeah, Vince gave me a hardcore LeBron James last night."
by vb5 March 21, 2010
The following definition is used by a real NBA fan: LeBron James is an All-Star, MVP-Winning talented basketball player of the NBA. Now known as a coward but should not be. LeBron should not do what you want him to do. He has his own life and expectations so all of you people need to relax. He made one of the baddest teams make it to a finals game so stop calling him a choker. If it wasn't for him you guys would not know what Cleveland is. Lay off his back and it's his life. Does he have to do what you want him to do or what he wants his life to be. This is a good example: GO ON YOUTUBE and search "LeBron High Rise Commercial".
LeBron James is in the illuminati
the best basketball player in the universe,almost unstoppable and every other basketball player wants to be him. TEN TIMES BETTER THAN KOBE!
Lebron james got another triple double, how many is that ive lost count

"I hate lebron james for leaving clevland" He gave them 7 good years get over it
by THE RETREIVER January 04, 2011
The Best Basketball player now-a-days. Fuck Kobe bryant who is an over rated asshole. Don't say he is better than Lebron because he has 5 rings. It takes a team to win rings. Look at the Cav's now, this shows that HE was their team.
Oh Look, Lebron James won NBA regular season MVP, yet again, that makes it back-to-back MVP's for him
by lebron_is_the_man6 March 08, 2011
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