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The best thing that Tuesday's have to offer after 3PM.
3 tacos for $0.99 at Del Taco!
Andrew: What are you doing after school?
Vincent: Going to Del Taco.
Andrew: How come? What's going on there?
Vincent: Dude, are you kidding me? It's Taco Tuesday today! Gonna grab me 15 tacos for $5!
by Photik May 01, 2006
279 93
A weekly celebration in which American students studying abroad in Madrid take advantage of Taco Bells 1 taco and 1 beer for 1 € deal. Your average Taco Tuesday involves skipping afternoon classes to go to Taco Bell and get hammered in broad daylight. The day is frequently cited as that reason why Europeans assume Americans are fucking stupid.
Kevin: Hey Dan, are you going to dynamics class?
Dan: What? Fuck that, it's Taco Tuesday, I'm gonna go black out at Taco Bell!!!
by Art Kney April 30, 2013
29 7
Arguably the best day of the week. Every Tuesday, after school or work or what ever it is you do, you and a bunch of bros/hos go to taco bell, Tijuana flats, or any other shitty local taco restaurant that might be in your city. Taco eating contests are encouraged. any amount of tacos can be consumed, from 1 to (current record) 23. Taco Tuesdays have recently been improved with the recent addition of Tosh.O
-are you going to Taco Tuesday today?

-of course... its Tuesday, I'm not going to not eat tacos...

-cool beans.
by pepper. January 26, 2011
61 47
Taco Tuesday is a weekly bicycle ride based in Los Angeles California. We meet up every Tuesday night and ride around Los Angeles stopping at different parks and landmarks along the way. Sometimes it ends with a stop at a taco place. Good food, good friends and good music. QUE VIVAN LOS TACOS!!!
Man, we rode all the way from Culver City to DTLA then to Hollywood last night on Taco Tuesday.
by That one bicycle rider August 19, 2011
36 58
To shove a "taco"(penis) between a mans arm pit.
Billy told Joe it's time for Taco Tuesday.
by Tacotuesday November 06, 2011
25 82
a tuesday in which a bunch of people go over someones house or apartment and the person hosting makes tacos and serves beer and/or margaritas
Me: So who's hosting taco tuesday tonight
Nikki: Oh it's a deena's apartment tonight
Me: ok cool so see you there
by Wishuponastarrynight May 08, 2007
49 142
The act of shoving a cheap Tuesday taco (preferably soft) up your partner's anus so that they can proceed to poop it into your mouth.
Well honey, it is time for Taco Tuesday, bend over.
by NateBateDateRape December 12, 2010
47 160