this shitty little city in pennsylvania. i should know. it's boring as fuck. but i guess some people like it.

home of the lebanon cedars. which suck ass.
dood. this party sucks! it's almost as bad as lebanon!
by erin :D August 17, 2008
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The capital of Boone county in Indiana. Known to much of Boone county as "lebtucky", for unknown reasons.

The high school system, like many, is full of teens who don't give a crap, probably wont go to college, and spend their days being queer, getting suspension (for drug posession usually), getting girls pregnant, or getting pregnant (depending on idividual person). Seriously, LPHS puts the "High" in "High school".
The High school football team is "The Lebanon Tigers".
K, kid from lebanon,:"Hey, ever wondered what dick tastes like?"
J, Kody's friend, also from lebanon:"Yeah, you?"
K:"Yeah. Wanna suck each other off?"
*Gayness ensues*
by TickleTickle24 March 28, 2011
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A small town in Central Pennsylvania. Known for it's segregation of middle to upper class white people in the southern suburbs and lower class white/hispanics in the downtown to northern parts of the city. The area is strained by relations between hispanics who moved here from more liberal fast-paced urban areas and older white folks who have lived here for generations and have a slower more conservative way of life. The town itself is very economically depressed with a mainly blue collar temp agency-based work-force. There is an overwhelming consensus among young people that the town is desolate and has no hope for any future for those who want more out of life other than working at walmart, living in an ugly rowhome, and collecting welfare in order to afford to shop at walmart. Ironically, the vast majority of those same youth only have the initiative to leave Lebanon if they join the military or college. The remaining stay in town, live with their parents, or condemn themselves to a mediocre life angry at the world as if their problems are everyone else's fault but their own. It's an interesting place to be FROM but a horrible place to live unless you are absolutely desperate for a cheap cost of living.
Outsider: Where are you from?
Resident: Lebanon
Outsider: Umm isn't that where terrorists live?
Resident: No man, it's a shitty town in Pennsylvania

Example 2

OldResident: Hey where are you from?
NewResident: I'm from California. I just moved here.
OldResident: WHAT?????!!! Why the fuck would you move here? Are you crazy?!
by JayBear December 15, 2013
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Lebanon: the sort of thing you would use to sort out your bake and rake,from your shake and bake..wen its all confusing and back to front..lebanon will sort it out fo sho!
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so if you down with this nigger everything is gonna go ur way,if u aint YOU IN FOR A WORLD OF SHIT.BITCH.
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