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1. A spoiler alert is where someone gives away the main plot or turning point in a movie, book, show, etc.

2. Something that someone uses to really piss people off.
Spoiler alert! Snape kills Dumbledore!
by thatonechickyousawonetime April 08, 2011
A state in the USA. Most peope believe Indiana is full of red necks. That is not true, for Indiana people do not have hick accents the way people interpret. Indiana people are simply strong in their family, towns, neighborhood, school, and the entire state. We aren't that big on the NBA but college basketball is a very big deal to us. We love the NFL and college football. Then NASCAR as well. Anything else, we don't really care, and that's the way it should be for every state because no other sports matter.
Joey: "some guy was driving through Indiana the other day and started some stuff up, calling us a bunch of tools. So Mike and some others started to wail on him."

Alex: "Mike? Don't you hate Mike?"

Joey: "Yeah, but when someone disgraces Indiana, it doesn't matter. We team up, cause we're not jerks like that."
by thatonechickyousawonetime March 26, 2011
A very aggressive, up-beat, fun game. A ball made of crumpled up garbage (that is usually taped) is meant to be thrown or slammed into a large trashcan.

1. A person who holds the ball can only take three steps while having possession.

2. They can either bounce the ball off of a wall or the ceiling or they may pass it to another teammate.

3. If a ball goes under a table, into another room, or something of the sort, the ball has to be tossed back into play by a player of the opposite team that didn't throw the ball out of bounds.

4. As many people as a team wants can stand around the goal.
5. The trahscan can be tipped but not moved.
6. When starting the game or after a team has made a goal, the team that did not make a goal throws the ball at the other team (usually as hard as possible).

7. If directed at someone, it is a foul.
8. A player is allowed to shove, pull, knock down, and trip another player, but no punching, slapping, or anything that could cause serious injury is allowed.
9. There is no such thing as jump ball.

It might be a lot of rules, but when it comes to actually playing, it flows easily and is very aggressive. Everybody usually does end up with bruises afterwards.
Dude! It was senior night for the pep band so we all stayed after and played a two hour game of trashketball! I got like ten bruises!
by thatonechickyousawonetime April 08, 2011
Enderverse is the universe derived from the fatastic book "Ender's Game" written by Orson Scott Card.

There are many books and short stories in the Enderverse. It all started with Ender's Game, and that developed into the Ender's Game series.

Ender's Game Series:
1. Ender's Game
2. Speaker for the Dead
3. Xenocide
4. Children of the Mind

Then came the spin-offs. Ender's Shadow is based on a character in Ender's Game.

Ender's Shadow Series:
1. Ender's Shadow
2. Shadow of the Hegemon
3. Shadow Puppets
4. Shadow of the Giant

Then some short stories:

First Meeting
A War of Gifts
Mazer in Prison
The Polish Boy
Teacher's Pest
Pretty Boy
Ender's Stocking
Ender's Homecoming
A Young Man with Prospects
Ender in Flight
The Gold Bug
Investment Counselor

Then came the book "Ender in Exile" which is 1.5 of the Ender's Game Series. If someone were to read this book, they should read last, after both Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow Series for it has spoilers.

Ender's Game is the best book out of all, but Ender's Shadow Series is the better series.

There are rumors of other books to wrap them all up together.

Shadow in Flight will be the next book to come along (maybe) and then there's also a new rumor for a book called Shadows Alive. We all eagerly await these books to be released.

People who read any of these books usually find themselves caught in the Enderverse.
Person 1. "I just read Ender's Game."

Person 2. "Dude, you know what this means don't you?"

Person 1. "No."

Person 2. "It means your caught in the Enderverse!"
by thatonechickyousawonetime July 31, 2011
It is a small town that lies in Boone County. It is full of the most amazing people and the worst people in the world. Nothing in between. Unfortunately, there are quite a few overweight people every where you look. Lose some weight guys, you're representing us in a negative way. Anyway, Lebanon is a quaint little town that is kind of boring, but that's because people don't want to find anything to do. Lazy! Though when it comes to sports and stuff like that, everyone comes together as a team and it's the best town to live in.
I drove through Lebanon, Indiana and there were a lot of fat people there, but then there were like so many hot guys.
by thatonechickyousawonetime March 01, 2011
Lebtucky is a term used from people in Indiana, typically from Central Indiana like Boone County. Lebtucky is another name for Lebanon, IN.

It was originated by a teenage boy who made a hundred shirts that said "Lebtucky Represent" and he sold them during the 4th of July Parade. The term stuck and has been used for approximately four years.

Lebtucky is interpreted in various ways. People outside of it think it means that Lebanon is similar to Kentucky, as in it's full of hicks and rednecks. Though to Lebtuckians and neighboring towns, it simply means the patriotism of Lebanon and Boone County.
Guy 1: "Dude, I hear Lebtucky is full of rednecks."

Guy 2: "Nah, man, you've got it wrong. Don't ever tell someone from Lebanon that either. They'll join together and beat your ass."
by thatonechickyousawonetime January 30, 2012

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