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n. anal leakage caused by fisting
"Can you get out of the pool, Bob?"
by Manhattan Transfer March 23, 2003
Bad diarrhea that literally pours out of your butt.
Mike- Dude, I had some serious leaky faucet after that bad Chinese food last night.

Tony- I did not need to know that.
by ilikebatteries May 28, 2010
When you make someone laugh as you cum in their mouth and it comes out of their nose.
Do you need lotion for your dry skin on your upper lip? No, my boyfriend just gave me a Leaky Faucet...
by Benz@23 November 19, 2008
Take a guy home and fuck him bareback, get ourself on top before he finishes. Right when he cums, stand up over him and let his jizz drip all over his face.
she rode him hard, then gave him a leaky faucet!
by Manlybitch November 28, 2011
The act of carefully pissing into a woman's shithole, filling it up, then inserting a cork with a small hole, allowing it to drip for hours like a Leaky Faucet.
Man, you should have been there last night when I gave Cheryl a Leaky Faucet, she was dripping for hours.
by NoobPwner222 October 27, 2008
When your girl's laying down and you bend your hard meatstick in half and drip happy juice on her, like a leaky faucet
Guy 1: "Dude, I really need to fix my leaky faucet"
Guy 2: "What, is the valve broken?"
Guy 1: "Nah, my dick keeps dripping on girlfriend"
Guy 2: O.o
by Nswan July 09, 2011
This strange and rare occurrence finds its way into the bedroom following a good tag in the ass. Post tag, the dude pisses in her ass. Remnants will drip out at a leaky pace.
T-Bone pissed in her ass, and that shit was leaking all night (like a leaky faucet)
by T-Bone.UNL September 16, 2007
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