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Member of Bone Thugs N Harmony

Althought it is very very close I'd have to say that he's a little better then Bizzy Bone, they are both real good rappers and they are real.
It's an everyday thang when you let your nuts hang.
by some polak November 06, 2004
1.member of bone thugs n harmony
Bizzy Bone,Flesh N Bone,Wish Bone,Krayzie Bone,Layzie Bone
by Nathalie December 02, 2003
A cleveland based rapper "Layie Bone" grew up best friends with rapper "Bizzy Bone",and when in junoir high they met Krayzie and Wish Bone,they started a rap group,they then met Flesh N Bone,and Flesh got them some tickets to an Eazy E concert,they rapped to Eazy,and he signed them to ruthless records.

Layzie Bone is in the group "Bone Thugs",one of the best groups of all time,and is close friends with Bizzy Bone.

Layzie and Bizzy came out with an album "Bone Brothers" earlier this year.
Layzie Bone AKA L-Burna
by bulletz144 November 19, 2005
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