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A rap group who made it big with their unique style of raps. One of the last real rap groups. In the 1999's they were very populer.

In 2000 member "Flesh N Bone" was arrested on weapons charges after threatening a friend with an AK-47,and being found with an illegal sawed-off shotgun.Flesh N Bone is now serving a 6 year sentence,expected to get out of jail late 2005,or early 2006.

After Flesh N Bone went to jail,Bizzy Bone got kicked out of the group because he would get really drugged up and would barely be able to stand on stage,though he sometimes never even showed up on stage.

Now the rap group consists of Wish Bone (AKA Straight Jacket),Krayzie Bone (AKA Sawed-off-Leathaface),and Layzie Bone(AKA L-Burna)They dropped an album in 2005 called "Bone 4 Lyf" that has recently gone gold.

Now a-days bone thugs are still keepin it real,but have very little(almost no) public attention,so they make a living off off internet releases and their fan base.

Bone Thugs are still among the best rappers to ever walk the earth,they just arnt getting the attention they diserve.

Each member,except for Wish Bone,has more than one solo album out,these are by far some of the best rap albums out there,and seriously show some skill.

Layzie Bone and Bizzy Bone teamed up to make a "Bone Brothers" album,featuring the outlawz,Krayzie,and Wish,the album was a hit,and showed some of the best bone material yet.

Bizzy Bone was invited back into a contract with bone in early 2005,but he didnt want it,he explained to Krayzie he wasnt ready yet,but he wants to be back in Bone.

Though Bizzy is regarded as crazy,fans still a wait when he'll join Bone again,as he is one of the best rappers of the group,if not THE best rapper of the group.

Bizzy Bone dropped an album in 2005 called "Speaking in tongues" featuring small unknown artists,the album was good,but not as good as "10 years in the making" should sound.
Bone Thugs N Harmony are one of the best rap groups in history,and one of the last rap groups to stay to their roots and not sell out.
by bulletz144 November 19, 2005
A columbus based rapper who was a member of Bone Thugs N Harmony,he got kicked out,but is expected to get back together with Bone soon,as stated in an interview with a bizzy related website.

Bizzy Bone was arguably the best member of the Bone group,and still has some tight skills. His brother was killed in 2003,his brother had some serious skills aswell. Bizzy has lately been thought to be crazy as on a recent interview he was speaking in tongues,demonic tones,growling,and then just going back to normal instantly.

Bizzy Bone had beef with Wish Bone and Krayzie Bone,but after he ruined the deal with swiss beats,he explained to Krayzie that he wasnt ready to get back with bone,but he wants to be back in bone later,when hes ready for it,and him,Krayzie,and Wish are cool again,so to destroy any rumors,Krayzie and Bizzy are NOT enemies.

Another rumor to destroy:Wish did NOT beat on Bizzy Bone earlier this year,it was completely a rumor,Bizzy Bone and his friend started a huge club fight,and as they were fighting their way through the club and out the door,Wish grabbed him to try to calm him down,Bizzy thought it was another gang banger,and socked him one,Wish didnt attack Bizzy,and Bizzy only attacked Wish because he didnt know who it was grabbing him from behind.

Bizzy Bone is one of the best rappers to walk the earth.
by bulletz144 November 19, 2005
A member of Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Wish Bone is a cleveland based rapper,and is part of one of the best rap groups ever,Wish Bone is the only Bone member to not have released a solo record,but he is expecting to release one in 2006. Wish Bone is often considered the worst rapper of Bone Thugs,but he is largly under-rated,and still has skills better than any rapper of today,Wish Bones skills are tight,and his style is ill.

Wish Bone had beef with Bizzy Bone,but the beef was later squashed,and they are friends again.
Wish Bone(AKA Straight Jacket,Big Wish)is definately one of the best rappers of today,though he gets no credit for it.
by bulletz144 November 19, 2005
A cleveland based rapper,in the group "Bone thugs",one of the greatest groups of all time.

Krayzie Bone had beef with Bizzy Bone,but the beef was squashed in mid 2005,and they are friends now.
Krayzie Bone:
If these mothaf***as wanna see your nuts
show your nuts
let the slugs bust
shoot the club up
by bulletz144 November 19, 2005
A cleveland based rapper,and member of the best rap group ever,Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Flesh N Bone was the member who got the tickets to meet Eazy-E,and get Bone Thugs on top.

Flesh N Bone is currently in prison on weapons charges,expecting to get out late 2005,or early 2006.
flesh-n-bone is one of the most hardcore thugs out there.
by bulletz144 November 19, 2005
A cleveland based rapper "Layie Bone" grew up best friends with rapper "Bizzy Bone",and when in junoir high they met Krayzie and Wish Bone,they started a rap group,they then met Flesh N Bone,and Flesh got them some tickets to an Eazy E concert,they rapped to Eazy,and he signed them to ruthless records.

Layzie Bone is in the group "Bone Thugs",one of the best groups of all time,and is close friends with Bizzy Bone.

Layzie and Bizzy came out with an album "Bone Brothers" earlier this year.
Layzie Bone AKA L-Burna
by bulletz144 November 19, 2005
7.62mm rounds are the rounds chambered in some assault rifles and other firearms.

The most famous of all guns using the 7.62mm cartridge is the AK-47/AKM,and the FN FAL.

The round relies on primarily its weight,rather than velocity.

The 7.62mm round has alot of kick,and recoil is high,its weight overrides its velocity,meaning its more inaccurate then smaller caliber rounds,but this also means penetration is greatly increased.

The 7.62mm rounds weight will carry it through even the strongest of bullet resistant vests,and its size makes for devestating entry and exit wounds.
The 7.62mm round was first born in 1947 with the "AK-47"
by bulletz144 November 18, 2005

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