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2 definitions by Eddersm

A fuckin amazing rapper. One of only people to spit on tha mic and magic comes out. His flow is so amazing. One of the best members of Bone thugs-n-harmony . Krayzie bone a close second.
Bone thugs-n-harmony - Not bone thugs n harmony

If you listen to tha song:
Bone thugs-n-harmony ft Phill coilns - Home

You will learn tha best of layzie bone's fuckin amzing flow
by Eddersm October 07, 2006
Another name for the bone thugs-n-harmony rapper Layzie bone
Layzie bone: Yo its lil lay L-burna on tha mic.....*Spits some fuckin amazing shizzel on tha mic etc...*
by Eddersm October 08, 2006