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To use a large amount of laxatives to shed mad pounds.
I'm going to the beach on Tuesday, so I'm laxing until next week, bro!
by Gross Tony February 29, 2008
Originated from 'relaxing', albeit bastardised; meaning to chill and go easy; as opposed to a state of urgency. Usually used when confronted with verbal attacks, to evade any work or when one simply feels like doing nothing.
e.g 1
knoddy "oh my gawd sup witha hair mun it's hideous!"

dicky "fuck you"

knoddy "woah woah laxing ya let's go for some beer"

e.g 2
jenny "hey knods have you done your calculus homework? it's like due tomorrow! oh when's our quiz is it thursday or next monday?"

knoddy "laxing. i don't intend to do it. zomg we have a quiz?"

e.g 3
knoddy " oraits i'm just gonna go bathe and laxing before meeting boobsy for dinner. ciao!"

eddy "use protection, man"

by knoddy September 04, 2006
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