Lead signer of a finnish band, The Rasmus (great band) and is also VERY HOT!
Lauri ylonen is the hottest dude on earth and the best signer
by therasmusmcr May 02, 2005
Top Definition
A fit Finn who wears crows' feathers in his hair. Has an obsession with birdies. A respected, I repeat, RESPECTED musician in Finland. Lead singer from a brilliant band called The Rasmus. He was born in Hellsinki on 23rd April 1979.
"Ten inches? She doesn't know what she's saying! 'Bigger?' Bigger and better"
by Solaki Hakala-Ylönen September 17, 2004
best described in two words....beautiful and inspirational
lyrics, the songs, the person, the idea
by Katelin July 16, 2004
A Feather-Black Contact-Razorblade Wearing, Crow Obsessed Guy From Finland That Just So Happens To Be The Lead Singer In The Band The Rasmus That Has A Kick Ass Voice, A Talent For Writing Lyrics, And (To Top it All Off) He's Really Hot... How Can You Complain?
And if it's so that you're talking shit behind my back
I'll let you know I can fight back in the cruelest way
So I'm asking for peace, If you know what that means

Say it again if you want to depress me
Say it again go ahead
I feel nothing

You wanna say something to me
Come and say something to me
What is wrong with you may I ask
by A_Light_In_The_Darkness July 24, 2004
he is absolutely fucktastic. i love him. lol. he writes beautiful songs too.
guilty, woah, guilty, i feel so, empty, yeh empty you know how to make feel. i never thought that the time and the distance between us could be so much colder, i'll carry the world on my shoulders - guilty, from dead letters.
by ageliki varelis July 17, 2004
Finnish for sex on legs. With feathers in his hair.

Lead singer for The Rasmus, wildly popular Finnish band; channels The Crow on a regular basis and writes brilliant lyrics.
"Look! It's Lauri Ylönen!" will generally distract any Finnish-metal-fangirl long enough for you to run away and purchase the latest Rasmus CD.
by Crispy01 December 11, 2005
the best rock group's lead singer, who likes black clothes and bird's feathers!!!! just - little lintu
from 'Into'
by Alise October 19, 2004
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