one sexy beast of a man and a very talented artist
i died in my dreams whats that suposed to mean? i died in my dreams reaching out for your hand my fatel desire
by jayne July 04, 2004
I don't think the rumor is true. He just broke up with Paula Versala...I doubt he'd rush and get married!
Chyeh...just believe me -_-
by Caty March 07, 2005
Lead singer of THE RASMUS an amazing band. He was a sexii ass voice and is currenly dating a girl by the name of Natalia Del Pozo or Nati Luna as some call her. She is the quote WOMAN OF THE CROW as he likes to call her. Lucky bitch! They are also planning a marrige and a little boy by the name of Dexter.
Not Like The Other Girls
by Ryan February 12, 2005
OMG he is I heard the rumor too. She looks like the chick from Josie & The Pussycats. OMG! I hate her she is like freakin him everynight and I dont get anything but to watch him from a concert. ARG! I want him for me why does that whore get him. W.E his loss. H ejust likes her for her tits.
"Yeah, you could say we like to stay home at night... togther. He is kinky when it comes to stuff like that" --YM Magazine
by Sophia February 13, 2005

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