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6 definitions by Alise

A rough translation from Japanese which means "light."
Kari was one of the children in Digimon; her "element" was light.
by Alise December 25, 2003
Lead singer from the industrial-rock band Mindless Self Indulgence; born James Euringer; stage name often shortened to "Jimmy Urine."
Little Jimmy Urine? Can't I just say Jimmy?
by Alise December 25, 2003
adj., noun.
(1) see: mother fucker
(2)alternative spellings: mutha fucker, mother fucka.
Man, that bitch-ass-mutha fucka owes me money!
by Alise August 10, 2003
verb(1), noun (2).
(1) playing a record backwards, then believing that it's telling you to commit crimal acts. -forms: to backmask; backmasking.-
(2) a record that CAN be played backwords, and delivers a message, whether it be good or bad. -forms: backmask; backmasks.-
-Whatcha doin' man?
-Sheet, man, I'm backmaskin'.

-Keep that backmask flowin'!
by Alise August 10, 2003
the best rock group's lead singer, who likes black clothes and bird's feathers!!!! just - little lintu
from 'Into'
by Alise October 19, 2004
Someone who moved to this country recently and has a messed up accent not a cool accent...a messed up one and they dont speak correctly
Dude there is this weird kid in my PE hes such a F.O.B
by Alise December 15, 2003