A dead language that no one uses or speaks anymore, it is only used for science, therefore only people in white with glasses use it.
Pig latin is like english, but you take the first letter and move it to the last then you add an "ay" sound. Pointless because everyone knows how to speak it.
by Adeadlyliquid September 27, 2004
1.- Language, currently not in use.
2.- origin, yes, of other languages, such as Spanish, Italian, French.
3.- People from South America, Spain, France, Italy, etc.
4.- Latin people: hot-blooded, nice, cheerful, smiley, passionate & yes dammit! good lovers.
Lazy, corrupted? some people are, yes...but it is not an exclusive characteristic of Latin people...look around yourself...
5.- Me.
no need for examples...please don´t be offensive. thank you.
by Barbara February 01, 2004
Language believed to be dead but has been kept alive by a secret cult living deep under Topeka that hopes some day to stage a coup and put Latin back in its place.
Es meus parvus ludibrio.
by Berny April 01, 2004
1. n- the language that was spoken by the ancient Romans. Although it is no longer spoken, it is taught at schools and is still used in churches.
2. adj- word meaning "from south or central America". This word, however, does not describe them since technically, Spaniards, French people, Italians, and Portuguese people are all "Latin" too.
1. Sancta Maria, succure miseris juva pusillanimes refove flebiles. Ora pro populo interveni pro clero intercede pro devoto femineo sexu. Sentiant omnes tuum juvamen quicumque tuum sanctum implorant auxilium. Alleluja! (from Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
2. Many Europeans are Latino also, even though it only refers to Spanish-speaking people.
by Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz May 09, 2005
The language of the dead.
Pie Jesu domini. Dona eis requiem.

Lux Aeternam.

Cum sanctus tuis in aeternam. Qui a pius et.

Agnus dei. Qui tolis pecatta mundi. Dona eis requiem.
by The Ugly One December 01, 2003
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