The language you will take years of and still struggle because there is always new things to learn.
Teacher: There is another case
Any student: What! They only taught us the nominative, genative, dative, accusitive, ablative, and vocative
Teacher: Well there is a locative case
Any student: Smh, I only take Latin because it is a required language.
by frenchcrepe December 13, 2014
1. a foreign language that the romans spoke, which is now a forgotten, dead language. many people still use it, and has been said by many to be the hardest language to learn.
Salve, loqour latine? (Hello, do you speak latin?)
by Akhaten October 28, 2014
A lot like Elvis in many ways
1. It's dead
2. No one can seem to accept that
"Why do we have to learn Latin?

"Hey dad, I got an A* in my Latin A level!"
"Go do something worthwhile with your life, son. Like FRENCH!"
by Big Chief Über Spoon August 22, 2013
A language derived from Italic tribes (A.K.A:”Sermo urbanus”; for French most times although used for other Romance languages “Lingua vulgaris”). This language took its script from the Greek language. The language was widely spoken by the Romans and neighboring tribes, and was used as an universal language in the European Middle ages for the educated class. Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian are languages that come directly from Latin (A.K.A Romance Languages) Latin it is studied for etymology, a better understating of Latin languages and to be able to read roman manuscripts from ancient and medieval times. “Latin people” (Latinos) is an expression mistakenly used only referring to South American people, which should include Western Europeans who inherited the language and some Roman culture. Also means as an historical fact someone who was born and/or lived in ancient Latium in western central Italy. The language it is also used in special Roman Catholic Masses. The word originated before the 12th century from Latin “Latinus” which means of the people of Latium and/or a Roman; from Latium which was an ancient region of western central Italy. To finalize, there are some Latin phrases that are still used today.
-ergo = Therefore; Hence.

-cogito, ergo sum = I think, thefore I am. (From French philosopher Rene Descartes

-status quo = The state in which.

-deus ex machina = A god from the machinery. (An expression that symbolizes an event that resolves an extreme difficulty or a far-fetched event)
by Rexnecros October 31, 2004
Concise, eloquent, exact. The language of poets.
As opposed to common belief, not a dead language, but still exerting great linguistic influence over modern languages and actively used in, not only the field of academia such as medicine and taxonomy, but also legal circles and the republic of Vatican. Latin is playfully utilized in contemporary art, e.g. in translating children's classics or in the lyrics of such artists as for example Enigma.
Valid reasons for encouraging the teaching of Latin in schools: Latin develops analytical and linguistic abilities and provides insight into the roots of modern Western culture.
Gaius Valerius Catullus:

Odi et amo. Quare id faciam, fortasse requiris. Nescio, sed fieri sentio, et excrucior.

Nuntii Latini - a compilation of news in Latin (by Finnish Latin scholars), updated frequently.
by Insert Name Here April 26, 2005
The second coolest thing in the world, after drinking and before greek and smoking.
latine loquo.
latin coolus est.
by Shambles May 14, 2005
I thought I'd be like Indiana Jones but instead it killed my GPA.
Undead language = Latin = Bad.
by Fiona December 13, 2004

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