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1.- Singer of The Strokes, a new band with a fresh sound, one of the few really worth it nowadays.
2.- Really hot guy...beautiful sexy eyes, more than just kissable mouth...sexy bottom & thighs :)
He made me feel like watching MTV again...he´s like the James Dean of the 2000´s...
Julian Casablancas proves men my age can be hot & fun without being boring
by Barbara January 07, 2004
Person with a hairy backside
I was making out with my new boyfriends when I found out he was an Asswookie.
by Barbara September 08, 2003
Someone who does something incredibly aggravating, stupid or annoying.
The men who invented high heeled shoes and panty hose are a couple of heverheads.
by Barbara April 21, 2005
suffocation due to a massive buildup of anal gasses
damn, bubba! did you eat all that potato salad? open the WINDOW or i'm gonna die of assphyxiation from yo stank ass!
by barbara January 21, 2003
Young boy, usually of asian decent who enjyos skiing and/or competing in skiing. he enjoys wearing spandex and putting his hair behind his ears to make an illusion of a mullet.
Person A- Yo Poonrad!
Person B- Yes...
Person C- I wanna be on you
by barbara April 20, 2005
URIO- Pronounced oohrio- chian slang word for dummy. Chios is an island in Greece. They often use this word to define someone who is a naive or is just not a bright person.
Ella re urio! Come on you dummy!
by Barbara June 14, 2006
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