Really, really drunk.
We were on an all day sesh watching the game. By the time we hit the club we were proper larruped.
by Sam Mansell July 05, 2007
Top Definition
going out for a quiet drink knowing full well that you are not in a fit state to drink!!
A guy meets a girl in the pub for a few drinkies! She arrives late so he has a couple beforehand without eating all day. Eventually she arrives looking beautifull!! the banter goes down well but so do the drinks!!! lots of drinks! tequilla shots homemade coctails and much more!! The bar man went crazy!! so it comes time to leave in the early hours they all get home safely?! but they all have a story to tell in the morning one of them was sick in the bed, one urinated allover his floor in his bedroom and the other was sick allover his bathroom floor. They were larruped.
by sherbosa January 04, 2010
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