the shake from green weed after manicuring the buds.
That larf will make some righteous green butter.
by rulin May 29, 2005
The act of simultaneously laughing and barfing due to an obscene amount of incoherent mediocrity.
Antoine googled his job duties, LARF
by doodoobeard November 13, 2010
A funny Sexual conversation
eg ; Bree and jake anynight after 10:00 haha definatly a larf

by brake - bree and jake April 16, 2009
lazy, boring, lame, piece of terd, sucky
stop being so larf all day.
by Paul Oliveri August 31, 2008
The act of laughing while hanging out of a car vomiting.
I was larfing so much that I couldn't breathe.
by Lizzy T January 20, 2008
A non-motivated individual. Lethargic and sluggish.
Tara will not go out when a group goes out. Tara will stay inside and veg out. Tara is being a larf.
by Dr. Steppenwolf January 22, 2007
To laugh so much that you barf.
That joke was so funny I larfed up my crab cakes.
by CrowHead November 23, 2006

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