A joke; a whim; a lark.
They decided to name their band Too Close for Missles on a larf.
by Dick S. October 31, 2007
To laugh until you barf. (verb)

Vomit from laughing too hard. (noun)
Our first date didn't go so well. The waiter accidentally spilled red wine on her white dress, and to make matters worse, I couldn't stop laughing until I larfed all over the table.

My first job interview didn't go so well either. The interviewer told a witty joke to break the ice, and I couldn't keep from larfing on his desk.

Why did you two break up?
Well, she began to tickle me while we were in bed, and you know how ticklish I am, so I couldn't keep myself from... well, let's just say that a little bit of my larf went in her mouth.
by Max Castillo March 26, 2011
To throw up in a bubble wrap container and send it to someone.
for april fools day larfing is a common prank.
by GaRRy March 30, 2013
when a person laughs and farts simultaneously.
jimbo was laughing so hard he also farted. billy said what in the tarnation was that a larf.
by crazies November 13, 2009
garret is hotter than me... he's such a larf bag
by ojoy June 22, 2011
A car that, by itself, is not cool or interesting, but is made cool by use of personal (and usually humorous) additions such as: certain stickers, magnets, figures, and other such things.
-Man, your car is a larf.

-That Autobots sticker just made your crappy 1997 Chrysler Conchord a larf

-I never realized how "larfy" your car truly was until I saw the toy ninjas poking out of your air vents.

-My car is a closet larf, it has Power Ranger plush's, a banana suit, and a fake beard in the trunk.
by Woody3192 July 15, 2009
to laugh so much that you barf.
that joke was so funny i larfed up my crab cakes.
by michael f. crowe November 23, 2006

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