the coolest person i know. loves to skype, and is a crazy sick soccer player. straight baller.
OMG that goal was awesome! he must be a langdon!
by runnergirl20828 November 21, 2010
Top Definition
When you and your best friend both hook up with a girl (the same girl) at the same time. Said girl should be too drunk to realize that they are making out with more than one person, adding to the enjoyment.
Cory and Trevor totally langdoned that drunk girl on the pier last night. She was all over Cory, but when Trevor stepped in she couldn't even tell the difference!
by Playfur April 14, 2011
i. Cup of Coffee

ii. One who resembles a tan wiener, penis, or johnson.
i. "Baby, get daddy a cup of that hot langdon"

ii. "Look at all those langdons waiting in line at the tanning salon"
by Dubious July 28, 2012
A street in California where the homies live.
Slacker: Hey man, do you live on langdon?
Smart one: Hell no
Slacker: Why? You look like a cool homie too me
Smart one: Langdon's full of gansta shit
Slacker: FUCK YOU!!!
by MasterManHood February 01, 2014
Langdon is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name meaning "one who inflicts pestilence, one who heals", and was given to a small woman with a tongue as sharp as a double edged-sword. It was believed she could inflict deadly pestilence on the enemy nations, while had the ability to cure disease. A Langdon was generally stubborn, pissy, and occasionally happy.
"stop acting like such a Langdon!"
"the black plague began with langdon"

"maybe langdon will take away your MRSA"
by ypestisiscomingforyou February 12, 2010
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