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1. The state of mind of going all out, not worrying about anything. Will not stop acting and spending like the world will end tomorrow.

2. Taking black cars and limos in New York City and Miami.

3. The act of not taking any credit when going all out.

1. Wow, George and Jules are straight ballers by buying tickets and going to Miami Heat home game opener seconds before it starts, then dropping real dough at Mansion the Club.

2. By taking a limo from Manhattan to JFK, they showed true acts of straight ballers.

3. When they said, "no photos please" after a heroic act, the striaght ballers came out of them.
by straight baller 1 November 02, 2010
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Anything that is good, cool, or exciting. Straight baller can be used to describe a noun like a person or car, or it can be used to describe a situation. The more often that a single person uses this word, the more straight baller they become.
"Dude, check out that hot ass girl over there"
"Oh shit!! She's straight baller!!"
by Stevie Johnston September 03, 2007

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