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Laney is a gorgeous girl! She enjoys sports, and is amazing at them! The best friend you will ever have, and a great one that you should never lose! Knows alot about guys, knows alot about relationships, loyal to her boyfriend, and a very intelligent person! You'd be very lucky to know a Laney!
Him : WOW! She is so amazing! What is her name?
Her : Laney H! She's my BEST FRIEND! Jealous?!
Him : YES VERY! :))
by Tayloryourbestie June 03, 2010
Laney is the hottest girl you will know, she is awesome and she is smokin' you kill to have her as best friend, she loves to be organized and always has to wear black flats (Mary Janes)
Guy: Dude, who is the sexy beast

Other guy: Oh, That's laney she is smokin hot !

Guy: I think I can tell !
by Baker123 March 06, 2014
a extremely good lookn' white girl, who is unfortunatly a cracker.
"o Dang bonequisha! look at laney! she be on fizire! to bad she coontry as hell!
by bonequisha March 05, 2005
She can be smart, funny, pretty, crazy, and nice when she actually tries. Even though you think you might know her really well she would do something behind you back in a second. She talks to A LOT of guys and is talkative so she's most likely popular.
"Me and Laney had so much fun at the party"
"Did you know Laney kissed your crush?"
by AK00 January 24, 2016
One who is good at giving blowjobs
"Ohh my god I hung out with laney last night she gave me a good bj
by blackbear123 March 16, 2015
A girl who doesn't try to look good (or maybe doesn't try hard enough), but really is. After a little work, she'd become hot.

Taken from the 1999 movie, 'She's All That'.
Guy #1: Do you think that girl over there is hot?
Guy #2: Ehh, she's a Laney.

Guy #1: Why is Amanda's hair always a disaster?
Guy #2: O, you mean Laney over there?
by Basketball59 November 11, 2006
euphemism for crap, useless, rubbish.

perhaps based on Brendan Laney, too laney to play for the All Blacks so became a Scottish rugby player.
Feck that was film was laney.
Stan Collymore was a good dogger but a laney footballer.
by Ben "Muppet" Cohen October 04, 2006
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