To make questionable decisions on big ticket items.
Why did you Lackey that new car?
by Meredith Stiles January 11, 2007
Top Definition
Henchman or "Yes" Man.
I'm not your lackey so don't expect me to do it.
by Speed July 17, 2003
A person that performs menial task's for some sort of remuneration
Would you please clean out the toilets or please see this baggage gets to the station before the train departs.
by George November 05, 2003
1. (n) A follower of a friend, or their stuff getter/do-er

2. (v) to act as lackey (see 1.)

3. (adj.) to actor look lackey-like
1. Raines' lackey, Biz, follows her around.

2. Stop stalling and start lackeying!

3. She's such a lackey girl.
by IsolatedCatholicSchoolgirls April 24, 2004
A trickster hailing from Lil' Hopewell who also answers to Phil, Mark, and the ever popular Lack Daddy.
Jesse: Hey, Lackey, let's go to Witmo's and roll a blunt.

Lackey: Why roll a blunt when I have three in my Volvo already?
by the kid February 16, 2005
1. A disposable, but necessary person for a three-person group.

2. A person you don't really like, but hang out with anyway for status/other stuff s/he can get you.

3. Someone who's funny on occaison, thusly you only chill out with him/her on weekends with one of your closer friends.
Drew's being a bastard. We need a new lackey.

What about AJ?

Yeah, he's kind of cool. Call him.
by Brittney June 16, 2004
One who abets in crime, a gangster, used more in the old days when gangsters not gangsta roamed the mean streets of the cities.
I beat the shit out of the lackey after he looked at me wrong.
by maybenot September 05, 2003
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