Labor Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September (September 5 in 2011) that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. (Wiki)
Guy1: "WTF is Labor Day anyways?"
Guy2: "It's meant to celebrate the economic and social something or other of workers."
by opsoyo September 05, 2011
The first Monday in September. Made to honor the working men and women in the United States, though mainly known for cookouts, parades, days off from work and school (which is usually just beginning) and being the official last day of summer (while the last day is technically Sept. 20, almost every summer related activity shuts down after Labor Day).
Me and my girlfriend had a killer Labor Day weekend. Now I'm depressed knowing I have to go back to work and that Autumn is right around the corner.
by Gaaraofthedamned August 26, 2012
The days when you're doing the job that acutally uses your passions/talents/skills. The days when you do what you were born to do.
Aesop Rock's album, Labor Days, stand out song is 9-5ers Anthem. Def Jux
by sluggg May 16, 2006
Labor Day is the day when a pregnant woman goes into labor.
OOPS, I almost forgot that it is my sister's Labor Day today! I gonna rush now.
by phoenixvictrix September 12, 2014
The day you need something from UPS and they don't deliver.
Teacher: does everyone have their new ipad case
Student: no UPS doesn't deliver on Labor Day
by Jazzpuru September 01, 2014
A free day off of school in honor of people who were overworked in the 1920s.
Labor Day is freakin' awesome!
by nonkrataularealss September 02, 2012
The last day of summer. Usually school starts starts slighty before or after this day. As the name suggests, it celebrates workers. Since Summer ends, people tend to avoid wearing light colors after this day in order to keep warm.
Delivery boy: Hey, why aren't you wearing your white cardigan, Mrs. Frankbaum?
Shelia: Labor day was yesterday.
DB: Oh. Is Mr. Frankbaum at work?
Shelia: Yes, Ted is. He's a lawyer.
DB: Wanna fuck?
Sheila: I'm not an infidel, you perv!
by Hannibal Lector42 September 05, 2011

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