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A gay skin condition probably caused by all the crap the FDA let's food distributors put in our food that causes red bumps to come up on your face, back, chest, and sometimes your arms. Sometimes acne is so bad that some people (Like me) have to go on Accutane only to be let down by it 5 months later because your acne is so severe and you got conjuctivitis and bloody pores for nothing.
Dermatologist: Okay, well since the Proactive, the deoxyzyfane and the other thing I can't pronounce hasn't worked for your acne for more than a month, I guess I'll put you on something else...

Bobbie: Okay...

Dermatologist: It's called Profynozylophate (Cough) Accutane (Cough)

Bobbie: Alright...

Dermatologist: Side effects are nothing, just you might contract conjunctivitis (Cough) or have your pores bleed, lose some hair, or in some rare causes might die since it nukes your face.

Bobbie: I didn't hear anything you said

Dermatologist: Well it wasnt important anyway so when can we get you on it?
by UpperGreens September 02, 2007
A baby which is disposed of quickly as prom night (With the use of drugs, or the actual baby itself being put in a dumpster) - usually refers to all babies from Teenagers who got pregnant on prom night that were abandoned.
"I'm just a prom night dumpster baaaaaaby, got no mom or dad. Prom night dumpster baby - my story isn't long before it is sad."
by UpperGreens September 02, 2007
Place where your parents expect you to eventually graduate from and if you don't they disown you and you end up working at 711 making no money and living off of TV dinners for the rest of your life because employers think you need a piece of paper to prove that you learned stuff in school. You spend 20% of your life in school re-learning the same BS over and over again until you think that the only time you'd actually use math is to calculate the number of bullets you'd put through your head to get yourself out of this nightmarish hellhole of an existence.
Bobby got a B- on a paper in school so his dad beat him with a rod.
by UpperGreens September 03, 2007
Skateboarder that wears polo's and Vans. They might also wear Ralph Lauren or NM - shorts worn a little below the knee while pants are never baggy. Most hate being labeled, and hate fakes.
Donnie punched leroy in the nose after he sarcastically called him a "Preppy Skater."
by UpperGreens September 01, 2007
Rapper that is dead (BIG SURPRISE). Big in the 90's with hits like Hypnotize. Sippin' on booze at House of Blues.
On Halloween Night, if you go into your bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror while saying "Biggie Smalls" three times, he will appear out of the depths of Hell and shoot you in the face.
by UpperGreens September 02, 2007
Some kid or group of kids in a Middle School or High School setting that go around with a god complex and calling someone a "Goth" if one day they decide to wear a black t-shirt or a "Pyscho" because you decide not to talk to the douches there because the kids in elementary school are more mature than them.
A labeler walked by me and when I was out of hearing distance he muffled "Emo" and that was the day you were supposed to not care about your appearance and dress like a homeless person to impress the general high school populace.
by UpperGreens September 01, 2007
A name which has basically become an insult used to describe people that want to look and dress nice and have an active social life. You don't have to be rich to be a preppy, just have to look good (Many personalities are measured by how they keep up their appearance). The only people that don't like preps are usually kids that can't fit in or get picked on a lot because they look like retards, are fat, antisocial, or all 3. Just because some people like to be happy once in awhile and you can't because of your code of gothiness or emoness prevent you from doing so because you would be afraid to lose those friends and be called a "conformist." I would consider myself preppy (I don't like to label, subcultures are retarded) but I'm not rich or anything and I hang out with girls that say like a lot and most of my friends wear polo's (Oh, and from KOHLS. Wow...) People can spend their money how they want to. If they want a set of ripped jeans from AE go for it.
All the punkers gathered in a circle when the evil preps came along and when they passed them they started snickering and calling them preps and then they would later go home that night and get a boner from saying it - even the punk girls.
by UpperGreens September 01, 2007
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