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1.Print found glued on cans or bottles.

2.Title to one who acts like a cetain group, or dresses the same as a band or artist in which they favor. Such labels are as follows: Goth, Emo, Guido, Skater, Jock etc. Some would say waste of time to label others, becuase of the way they dress, or behave. Some also disagree to that and say "Labels are like a genre, meaning by having labels means the basic's of your behavior and/or sound.". Labels do not define. who you are but give people a certain idea of what you like, and would dress like.
Labels is the way of life?
1. "tell me what that label says on that bottle"

2a. "Labeling Goth: Look at these goth girls!, wtf are they doing wearing converse with, a red plade skirt"
2b. "Labeling Emos: I hate emo's all they do is sit at home listen to music to make them more sad then what they alrdy are, because they have it so bad!"
2c. "Labeling Jocks: Jocks can suck my dick and go play grab ass, cuz all they care bout are themselves and there sport."
2d. "Labeling Skaters:....enough said"
by DisturbedrockerO April 05, 2006

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