Lesbian Until Dawn: A woman in college that's "exploring her sexuality" by getting drunk and making out with other girls at parties, but then she resumes to complete heterosexual activity during the day.
Bertha: God, Helga's such a LUD. She only made out with me last night because she wants Orpheus to think she's crazy and wild.
by dumbblonde95 January 30, 2010
Lazy Unmotivated Dick
A bum, a looser, a very unenergized, unmotivated dick head who does nothing...he can be nasty and controlling also! May have body odor, thinks he is gods gift to the world. Most LUDS live thinking they are the only man in the world!
A man who just lays around, watching tv, unmotivated - not successful, he is just a lud. (A lazy unmotivated dick) A couch potato... a bum, demands respect and is basically a nasty - controlling looser.
by Dorothy More January 24, 2005
A bitter, disgruntled, beligerent, 50 foot, hung like a mule, sales rep that puts gin in his coffee at work and hates to golf.
What the hell is your problem LUD?
by The King May 29, 2003
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