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Lumpy Space Princess from the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.
Finn: "LSP, why were you so rude?!"
by Princess Rainicorn July 15, 2010
Last Second Piss. Just before leaving the house each day, the need to urinate one last time, just to be sure.
Rick: Hurry up! We're gonna be late for the movie - it starts in 3 minutes!!
Ned: Hang on! Just gotta do an LSP!!
by steveinakld July 31, 2012
Love Sick Puppy - somebody who is desperately in love and becomes totally submissive.
I followed her around like a LSP, a truly love sick puppy.
by Termom December 20, 2005
"light-skinned presumption. A term black females use to define other women,and who wants them,among their peers. high yellow brand nubian
"Yo,I was tellin' the bro' about her, but he obviously was under some LSP". mommadrama
by @lowbro May 09, 2012
noun: A "school" associated with NYU that pulls down the overall reputation and quality down with its "students" better suited for community college or anywhere not near NYU. LSP is overall a "fail" school used to take money from parents in denial about their children.

noun: Doing something incredibly stupid or being far below than the average person intellectually.
Justin: Dude, I just fucked Jill (she is gross - fat, short, ugly, and smells like a dumpster).

Chris: Dude, you are so LSP...

Justin: I know....
by qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm000 November 02, 2011
Likes to suck penis. Usually a girl who is really easy. She enjoys the fun of sucking penis and is willing to engage in the activity.
Boy-"I really want to get Sarah to suck my dick."

Friend-"Don't worry man, she's LSP."
by iliketohabsex July 02, 2011
1. Specifically means Lil Senoia Projects.
LSP is in the heart of downtown Senoia.
A small town in Georgia, bout 20 miles south of the ATL

2. LSP is a clique, or a bunch of people from the same hood. Most LSP members DO NOT LIKE ya folks from Newnan cuzz they faggot ass niggas that aint gone do shit! If you down with LSP then you a real ass nigga that stay reppin ya hood. LSP knows how to blaze. We a little city with some big dudes that stay trappin!
1. Neisha: Wut chyu doin tonite?
Marcus: Mayne imma go chill in da LSP with my folk blaze
Neisha: oh fo real imma be at da park chillin
Marcus: Yea u kno it guh imma be trappin all day
Neisha: i be in chill mode
Marcus: iight i see ya
Neisha: Thro dem "L's"
by i aint got no name May 04, 2007
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