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meaning Lamborgini Style Doors
Damn homie check out the whip with those L S Ds
by * erin * October 29, 2005
Lets skate dude
Dude! L.S.D.!!!
by LSD man September 04, 2010
An acronym for "Louisiana State Department".
"Dude, do you like LSD man?"

"Yeah man! They do their job really well!"

by cheez1234 July 26, 2009
Stands for long slow distance. What runners do to build endurance or train for a long distance event, like a marathon.
Runner #1: Man, track season finally ended, and all my tough interval workouts are over.

Runner #2: So you're done with speed?

Runner #1: Yup. And I'm ready for LSD.
by Bombadier General June 09, 2008
Luke Sendrowski disease:a severe case of stupidity.symptoms include sweating in any weather,saying random and stupid phrases,and being really really dumb
Wow! That john kid has LSD really bad.
by skater dude16253830 October 29, 2010
n. synthetic drug. (see above)

also known as acid.

Can be taken orally, or through the eyes in the form of eye drops.
(no example for this)
by The Light of Reason February 20, 2005
aka acid forget playing video games or watching jap animation shows wen you can take these awesome tabs (blotted paper) with the faces of your favourite cartoon character on it.

Extremely fun making you trip the fuck out for hours on end making you think you are a video game character jumping around your living room thinking your mario or luigi or throwing things at your friends thinking you are Donkey Kong it is the best experience journey as well also making it like the movie Back to the future travlling threw time and space meeting yourself in past or even with the future.

Giving you lots of flashbacks as well you could even experience seeing your own birth when i on acid i suggest to stay away from horror and thirrler games or movies otherwise you could end up having realistic nightmares for the rest of your pathetic life or wind up having a hart attack also don't look at the were's wally books its to colourful and trippy you will never find him! but anyways lsd is the most fuckin sickest drug out no way in hell it should be illgal fuck your video games give this wicked shit to the kiddys insted (Y)
guy on acid-hello seamus iam your new king now!
Random-?? Get the fuck out of my house you lsd tripper Cunt
by silleness33 June 11, 2009