A hallucinogen that is known to cause psychedelic visuals and an overall feeling of euphoria. It should only be taken by intelligent individuals (I cannot stress that enough) who already have a general knowledge of the drug's effects before usage.

LSD should be taken in a safe, friendly environment. A sitter, a voice-of-reason, is also recommended.

It's by far, my favorite drug. I would recommend it to anyone willing to explore and expand the mind.
user1: Dude, I think i'm melting into the couch!

user2: That's because you ARE melting into the couch.

user1: Wait, wait.. No i'm not, just feels like it.

user2: ...oh. I love LSD....
A drug that induces ego-death, basically changes your life forever. you will never see the world in the same light. Everything you experience will feel like the first time you have ever experienced life, very hard to comprehend. You need to try it outside in nature not staring at a tv screen. Recommended for people who want to expand their view on the world or to explore your own mind.
LSD changed my life
by diamondlucy February 08, 2011
LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) is one of the most amazing substances known to man. It can show you things you never new, and it can bring inner peace. If you get a hold of this substance, and use it for spiritual use instead of at a rave or some party. I suggest you take it out in nature, and of course try to bring someone who isn't taking it, so you don't hurt yourself. Also don't bring too many people expecially if it's your first time.

Thank you Albert Hoffman the father of LSD.
Country Joe & The Fish: Now if you're tired or a bit run down,
Can't seem to getcha feet off the ground,
Maybe you oughta try a little bit of LSD

Only if you want to

Shake your head and rattle your brain,
Make you act just a bit insane,
Give you all the psychic energy you need —

Eat flowers and kiss babies
For you and me!
by DarkAmbientForest February 26, 2011
A mind expanding drug that can enlighten you about the true nature of reality and one of the coolest drugs in the world.
lsd is cool.
by Deep blue 2012 March 17, 2010
LSD= the power to see through reality to what really is and what really matters. It gives you the ability to look out side you self to a grater point of view of life and a connection to the would around you. Its a short cut to "knowledge" so instead of meditating for 50 years to get knowledge it, if used correctly will only take 6-10 hours. P.S- use wisely and make sure you trust who you get if from and words of wisdom you dont need a lot 1 or 2 is good if it is and the cheaper it is the better it most likely is because if its good usually the person with it wants every one to experience its greatness and my best experience it was free every time. remember it cheep like 3-5 bucks.
make sure that you really want to discover the question that you ask, because once you learn the truths they cant be unlearned and some times the answers you get will change your life forever..... they did in my life.-LSD
by your inner self June 29, 2010
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. A hallucenogenic drug
that is really in class by itself. First synthesized in the
late 30's and investigated by the U.S. Army in the 50's
as a possible mind control agent, it found great popularity
with the 60's hippies and celebrities. Still around today
and relatively cheap on the street.

LSD ("Acid"), taken in a sufficient dose, is mood altering
and can produce gross perceptual and sensory distortion.
More importantly, it seems to unlock the barriers between
the subconcious and concious mind. One researcher
compared it to producing an artificial psychotic break,
almost like seeing what it's like to be schizophrenic.

Most experienced users agree that the mood of the user
and the company or surroundings will cause a good or
bad experience. The drug's use can also be compared
to playing Russian Roulette. Five fun trips and The
Worst Experience Of Your Life. It also can cause chromo-
some damage and trigger real mental illness. Some users
report seeing after-effects years after they have stopped.

Fun fact: Vincent Price can be seen reading up on using
LSD to help frighten a victim to death in the 50's
schlock horror flick "The Tingler"...
Are the high you get and/or the insights you think you're
getting on LSD worth the risk? Depends on who you ask,
like say the late Tim Leary or the late Syd Barrett.
by Guitarist1234 October 24, 2009
Lucy in the sky with diamonds
The Beatles were all up in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
by alex's_girl February 17, 2005
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