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Initials for the term Lead Singer Disease. Leading Singer Disease refers to the condition where the lead singer of a band believes he is the absolute most important member of the band and tries to over the band and/or always hog all the spotlight, whether on stage or in the media.
Both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, former/current/who knows frontmen of Van Halen purportedly have LSD
by Brian Tarry September 09, 2007

I gotta take a long,slow dump!
Oh man I'm really feelin that LSD now!
by Oprah March 13, 2005
A desease aquired by lesbians after having relations with a dog. Often found in New York in the alleys.
Damn, that dyke jus got LSD from putting that dog's thing up her vaginal region.
by steve carl jackson June 01, 2005
loser saturday , loser sunday , or also know as "lfd" for loser friday. An lsd is when u sit home and do nothing on friday saturday or sunday because you're friends ditched you and/or you are too lazy to go out.
shit dude i totally had an lsd weekend... uhh
by miss1 March 19, 2006
Limited Slip Differential
Yo, I got a 2 way LSD that be sending my S13 sideways down the track!
by DeeZNutZ July 29, 2003
LAKE SHORE DRIVE for all the chicagoians
I'm on LSD havin a great time.
by TRACYZ July 11, 2004
very interesting drug, makes people go pretty insane if they aren't prepared to continue living life normally after the trip. basically life shattering revelations. creates dealers, players, and buyers which reflect the market (devil) and cause people to learn fuck-education (much like sex-education). however can cause ego death which is good for people who play into the system a lot, unless they are unwilling to accept their own bullshit. also can cause people's egos to inflate highly. just the devil(market) bringing down lightning(supposed miracles) in the sights of men. still plenty of stuff can fuck you up if you buy into it. learn not to buy into it!
damn that LSD fuck-ed me, good thing i'm sav-ed.
by bigboydonutsquad January 28, 2009