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An alternative acronym used to refer to LSD.
Hey.. you wanna go hang wit Lucy?
by Steven January 01, 2004
Not only is this a brillaint song featuring John Lennon with his most wailing voice ever, but it is also slang for that ever popular drug of choice, LSD
Pete: ooh, do you have Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?
Nick: Do you mean in my CD collection or in my pocket?
by Malaria July 18, 2005
a song written by the Beatles after John Lennon's son came home with a drawing of one of his friends named Lucy O'Conner, and John asked who it was he replied:
This is Lucy, In the sky, with diamonds
by Lucy Diamond May 29, 2004
Originated by The Beatles from the album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band

Another way to say, LSD.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes and she's gone...
by Flower April 19, 2005
Lucy in the sky with diamonds. A brilliant Beatles song explaining two of Sir John Lennons LSD trips. You can also use it to refer to the Psychoactive drug LSD (acid)

*picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees, and marmalade skies*
Will: What did you do last night?

Sean: Went to see lucy in the sky with diamonds!

Will: The Beatles were performing?

Sean: Nope, I tripped the F**k out!
by Man with all the answers March 14, 2016
One of The Beatles famous songs. Many people think its song about LSD but, it's not. The song was inspired by John Lennon's son, Julian. He brought home a drawing of a girl in his class, named Lucy, and she was floating in the air and he drew stars around her. Julian named the drawing: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

It has nothing to do with LSD, it's all a kids song.
Hey let's go listen to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

Sure, wait we needa be high first!

No man, its not about LSD.....
by flower_child June 16, 2011
A great song by the Beatles which in no way has anything to do with LSD.
Everyone smiles as you drift by the flowers that grow so incredibly hiiiiigh...
by Flannel Flyer August 04, 2005
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