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Yo, I got a 2 way LSD that be sending my S13 sideways down the track!
by DeeZNutZ July 29, 2003
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D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Synthetic chemical which, when taken orally or, less commonly, in the lining of an eyelid or nostril, is the most potent hallucinogen known to the common public.

One of the cheapest drugs available, it is neither addictive nor physically dangerous. Taken by an intelligent, open-minded person, it can create fantastic revelations and experiences.

It is not a good party drug, and, in a hostile environment such as a party, it can lead to what is known as a 'bad trip', where the person under the influence of the substance in question has an experience which is totally frightening. Fear, depression and anger are accentuated to fill the entire body to a point where entire thought patterns are controlled by these emotions.

The same accentuation goes for happiness and relaxation, often leading to a state of artificial nirvana, the only difference being that the person is absolutely suggestible and can lose the ability to reason.
It's funny how there are actually quite a few serious definitions of LSD on UrbanDictionary. The ignorant and uneducated fear LSD, but the intelligent, after reading about its effects, are the ones who try it, taking special care about risks and so on.

It is only when one becomes cocky and stupid that LSD causes bad effects.
by fuh? October 14, 2003
LSD (D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) is a synthetic hallucigenic drug, although it doesn't produce hallucinations but more severe distortions of the senses and thinking.

It was synthized By Albert Hoffman from Ergotamine which is found in the deadly poisonous Ergot Fungus that used to grow on crops. it gives hallucinations and gangreen.

LSD's treshhold dose is 25 micrograms. Common taken doses are about 100 micrograms. It is usually taken in the form of paper blotters; small pieces of absorbant paper with some liquid LSD sprayed on them.

The effects are mood-changes, a lot of them, visual tracers, colors, synthesia, and other 'distortions' of the senses. With higher doses everything seems to melt, move and change around you. Your thoughts become bizarre and often confused.
Very low doses give the feeling of being stoned.
The effects last 8 to 12 hours, depending on the dose and the indifidual.

There have been accidents on LSD, even suicides, but compared to other drugs not many at all.

It was used mostly in the 60th's, untill it got made illigal and people started speading nonsense about it.

It can cause schitzophrenia in sensitive people; and post-traumatic stress after a bad trip (which means nothing more then that you fought of the effect too mch) and in some cazes flashbacks (random comming back of the effect).

Lsd is not very dangerous, its not poisionous and its LD50 is far above the user dose. The psychological effects are more dangerous in that. You need almost grams to get you killed and take micrograms as effect. Blotters of paper can not contain enough of other drugs to give you dangerous ammounts of that.

Psysically it causes a raised bloodpressure, faster heartbeat, temperature increase, sweatyness, thighning of the neckmuscles and sometimes nausea and dizzyness. Most people hardly notice this trough the mind-effects.

Should still be used with causion.
They tripped of LSD yesterday and said they had great visuals.
by One of Them with no Name. January 18, 2006
I became the universe, had deep conversations with my friends cats of whom I was absolutly convinved were gods. I turned to liquid energy and encompassed an entire swimming pool. I flew so fast I became nothing but a vibration. The sun became my man and we fell in love. An entire garden danced collectively to the beat of Electric Avenue for me. The sun became the sky and swirled into an exotic painting then back to the most perfect combination of senery, and back again until it swirled together into infinite. Then I returned to Earth, where I will stay forever a changed person.
My LSD story :]
by idontfuckingknowanymore June 27, 2010
Best drug in the entire world. Can be very therapeutic and completely changes your view of things. Fucking Awesome, and make you trip. If you one do one drug in your entire life time, make it acid.

Makes you trip, very very hard at times and i recommend it for anyone sound enough of mind to take the journey. Really, everyone should try this at least once in their life, see if they like it, and let it go from there. Everyone. Do acid. I love acid. I want to marry it. Yay LSD.
"This is the best part of the trip; this is the trip. This is the part that i really like, the trip."
"I love LSD"
by Maxwell James March 30, 2007
An extremely potent hallucinogen, capable of creating intense visual, and aural distortions. Seeing colors and smelling sounds.

Highly intensifies musical and personal experiences. Recommend use with a sitter who has experienced the drug to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.

The most important part of taking LSD is set and setting. Make sure you are in a calm, friendly environment. Also have a goal for the trip in mind, allowing you to focus on one thing and gain new understanding of the matter by being open to suggestions normally not introduced to your brain.
I ate lsd laced with mescalin and tripped for a solid 36 hours.
by eric denton February 09, 2006
LSD is the raw truth thrown in your face, an oppurtunity for profound realization. Possibly the best thing since glass bongs.
"Boy that LSD is great"
"Sure hits the spot"
by Laughing Sams Dice October 17, 2003
"its been proven to increase your risk of psychotic illnesses and depression, and organisations like the armed forces will not take anyone who has ever done LSD in their lives."

nobody listen to this fucktard. it's been proven to increase ANY feeling. euphoria, depression, etc.

and the armed forces don't reject lsd users, it's the other goddamned way around. it's pretty funny how consistently the media will spin the truth 180 degrees. the army tested it on soldiers and the very first thing they wanted to do was get the hell out of the armed forces. so if you take lsd, don't worry about joining the army, because you won't want to anyway.
dock ellis pitched a no hitter on lsd.
francis crick discovered the double helix on lsd.
eminem thought of the slim shady alias on lsd.
the lsd fueled 60's was musically, the best decade.

"Kyle: Well… maybe I'll take just half a hit of acid."
"Ike: I want three. ..."
by the real god September 04, 2007
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