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A man that other men aspire to be like, but they always fall short. He's got looks and brains too. They are always honest and trustworthy. When it comes to their accomplishments, they pride in perfection. They can make an entrance that silences the crowd. He's always a winner! And always gets the girl.
"Damn girl! Look what just rolled in. He must be a Pickard."

"This dude got his shit together...must be a Pickard."
#pickard #picard #pickerd #pic #pick
by FoxyNdaDesert July 04, 2012
Someone who is physically stumped, Naturally born with undersized genitalia, inability to please woman.
Yeah my girlfriend really like me to we got intimate and she realized I have Pickard. Now she doesn't seem interested as I can not please her.
#pikarded #pikard #pickarded #pickarrd #picard
by Scottey January 13, 2009
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