Top Definition
"laughing quietly to myself"

Invented by comedian Demetri Martin
"... so I said, rectum? nearly killed him!"
by Adam Zivojnovich January 15, 2007
laugh quietly to myself
Like when talking online instead of lol, say lq2ms, because you are not really laughing out loud, you are really laughing quietly to yourself
by Jorge Campos June 14, 2008
laughing quietly 2 myself
Friend: "OMG. i lost my homework. At least that is what i said to my teacher."

Me: "Lq2m."
by Briggette May 24, 2007
laughing quietly to myself, the new "lol"
Dimensionless Character 1: dude i think he pissed his pants in science class today and i was just sittign there LQ2M
by ThaCarter3 September 04, 2008
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