Just want to clarify something about southern Louisiana.... We're called coonasses... not rednecks you idiots!!!
... all them coonasses down in Louisiana.
by coonass15 January 27, 2010
A hot humid place in the deep south of the United States that has polluted waterways, corrupt politicians, crime and mobsters galore and huricane-devastated cities.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am proud to say I'm a native of this great land and Cajun through and through. We got the best food, the best crawfish (not CRAYfish, dang yanks) and best resteraunts and seafood this side of the Mason-Dixon line!

As deep south as it gets. All you wannabe's from anywhere north of Georgia yet still below the Mason Dixon line are NOT southerners. Just cause it joined the CSA doesnt mean its Southern. That's as rediculous as an American who's great great great great grandma came from Ireland and they insist on calling themselves an "Irishman". Anyway, to you yanks, we are NOT all Cajun (but I am), we do NOT all speak French, we dont ride alligators or take boats everywhere or live in the swamp, and Louisiana is not one big swamp like most people think. Not a whole lot of Louisiana is swampland ya know. its the best state in the world, and even though there's a lot of things wrong with it, its STILL the best place to live.

Virginian: I'm from the South!
Me: Really? What state?
Virginian: Virginia! the southern state, you know!
Me: No offense, but that's kinda far north to me and most Southerners.
Virginia: Hello! I am Southern!
Me: *walks away slowly*
by CajunKid12 January 24, 2009
A lot of people think Louisiana is full of drunk cajun hicks.

But its not.

I'm from Mandeville,Louisiana,and most of the people here are rich,smart people.

and i'm sure if you would get your head out of your ass,you would stop being blind and stop sterotyping.

i have never seen anyone with a mullet.
and if you have a country accent,you will most likely get made fun of.
idiot:where are you from?


idiot:do you have a pet aligator?

me:*shakes head and walks away*
by ohh myy. July 17, 2008
The state with the most delicious food you've ever tasted. Very culturally diverse:
North Louisiana: Northerners
Eastern and Western Louisiana: Country/rednecks
South Louisiana: Cajun.

Known for being stupid. Which is completely not true. So we talk different than you northereners... to us, you talk stupid too. Also known for having alot of criminals. Also not true as long as to stay in the good part of the towns. Our polititions are know for being corupt, I guess this is true, but the way we see it, time= money so you better be ready to pay for our time.

Louisianians are very friendly. We love to invite our brand new neighbors over for some good old crawfish, hmmmmm yummmmm!

Some northerners think every part of Louisiana is swamp. I've been asked once if I had to use a boat to go get my mail.

Louisiana is a wonderful state with wonderful people that will welcome you anytime.
Duhh, we're in Louisiana.
by TeffyF February 25, 2011
most of the state is a hick state filled with rednecks; however, lousiana remains interesting and not completely horrible for 2 reasons; the Cajuns in SW Louisiana have a deep heritage; the largest city of New Orleans is a blues and jazz capital, with lots of french culture and casinos
Louisiana isn't a hick state...as long as you stay south of I-10
by StatesDude April 01, 2004
an unusual name to have.
"and your name?"
"yeah sure, what ever you want"
by Louisiana December 03, 2007
Louisiana is the dirty south where everything goes down fussing,cussing,fighting,biting,splitting,dancing,popping,crunking,bucking,ducking,running ..etc Louisiana is so hood and dope and we always in the N.o and st.james and stuff we be getting down and going hard we get down and mess with us we get dirty so whats yo choice this is also a good city and we luv the a-town and texas and all dem in the dirty south smawh i luv ya!
girl im going to Louisiana today

Louisiana is da black state
by louisianachick June 14, 2009
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