A state in the United States of America which ranked dead last in a recent study of brain health, ranked third in obese people, and 4 years removed from Hurrican Katrina still looks like a ghost town; primarily the East New Orleans area, where entire shopping and residential areas are completely abandoned, but also in the downtown area just off Canal Street where high rise buildings still have boards in windows and appear to be unoccupied.

Oh, but tourists, fear not, for Bourbon Street still houses a large selection of bars and strip clubs as well as streets that must be washed, literally, everymorning to remove the human waste and spilled beer.

The French Quarter atmosphere would have you think that this is very liberal-minded state, however, most of the people retain very low education, as shown by recent studies, and thus, vote conservative. But how else would you expect a people to behave when they are surrounded by 20 foot walls that keep flood waters out?
"The recent earthquake in China was this year's Louisiana, but officials predict recovery time will not be as prolonged."
by Ghost Machine October 11, 2009
A southern state in the USA known for a fascinating culture, but it's very unsafe to swim there because of alligators.
"He can catch'uh meanest alligatuh wi'just one hand.....that's all he got left 'cause alligatuh bit'im!"
by Dave November 20, 2004
I ga-ron-tee! Born in metairie, louisiana, and raised in laplace and metairie. new orleans is all we got folks, sorry. rednecks surround us, the new orleans metro area is like a little oasis in a desert of country hick accents!
Louisiana is like mississippi, but more popular.
by Hassell April 21, 2005
The only state in the whole world that you can have freakin boiling hot 105 degree sunny desert like weather one day and then 15 degree blizzard the next
Person 1- Its so freakin hot out here i mean come on lets go swimmin
Person 2- alright il go get my swim suit.


person 1-holy shit its freezin balls out here wtf?
Person 2- yea lets go sleddin

by Devin D February 09, 2007
Third world state of the united states that LOVES to do construction during the middle of the day with all the traffic , and WHORDES MONEY. Katrina was an eye opener to the whole world as to what problems this place has. Home of the worst schools.
When I get enough money, I'm moving out of Louisiana.
by lazzyazzana November 10, 2006
The American third world. A forlorn jerkwater state that, while not without its merits, is home to either the tragically-dull or the desperate-to-escape.

More cultural diversity than most Southern states and more cute girls than some, but mostly a vast expanse of slum-holes and nowhere. Weird smell emanating from the land probably has adverse affects on the human brain.

A viper's nest of political corruption and moral failure, Louisiana also manages to attract terrific churches to fight back the encroaching darkness.

Popular destination for criminals, and airhead college students, looking for trouble or a place to hide.

I'm sick of being around attractive, college-educated people with upward ambitions and a desire to change the world. I wish I could just get away from it all.

Oh wait, I know! Let's go to Louisiana!!

by Charlie4Life February 18, 2008
Another part of the south.I live in New Orleans and thats the only thing good about Louisiana.Im a Northern girl in a southern world.*sigh*
The best thing about Louisiana is New Orleans.
by Allison August 29, 2004
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