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The state with the most delicious food you've ever tasted. Very culturally diverse:
North Louisiana: Northerners
Eastern and Western Louisiana: Country/rednecks
South Louisiana: Cajun.

Known for being stupid. Which is completely not true. So we talk different than you northereners... to us, you talk stupid too. Also known for having alot of criminals. Also not true as long as to stay in the good part of the towns. Our polititions are know for being corupt, I guess this is true, but the way we see it, time= money so you better be ready to pay for our time.

Louisianians are very friendly. We love to invite our brand new neighbors over for some good old crawfish, hmmmmm yummmmm!

Some northerners think every part of Louisiana is swamp. I've been asked once if I had to use a boat to go get my mail.

Louisiana is a wonderful state with wonderful people that will welcome you anytime.
Duhh, we're in Louisiana.
by TeffyF February 25, 2011

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