Louisiana: a flat state with bass-ackwards weather, strange accents, the best food you'll ever taste, beaucoup festivals, southern ignorance, Mardi Gras, a deeply influential heritage, and the most beautiful women in America. Shreveport is the equivalent of the mason-dixon line in Louisiana, because no one south of it wants to claim the north and vice versa.
The southern part is mostly bayou marshland and traffic-ridden cities. (It's also the fun part.)
The northern half is pretty much Arkansas. (I'm sorry.)
It's a state with brown water, friendly faces, clear skies, unique music and unbearable humidity. Proud and stubborn, the older generations still cling to the antiquated ways of the cajun french culture, while the young embrace the urban ideals and try to discard the deep-seated heritage of the state.
Yes, it's an extremely corrupt state, politically and otherwise.
Elections: everyone's favorite spectator sport.
Yes, there are stupid rednecks. (There are stupid people everywhere.)
Yes, there is a terrible education system. (Ahem)
Yes, racism and discrimination still rampant in parts of the state. (Although a lot less than you would believe.)

But there are also unbelievable misconceptions about this intriguing and often underestimated state.

And I would like to close with this:
I live here, and have never (with my own eyes) seen anyone with a mullet.
Laissez les bon temps roulez en la belle Louisiane!
(Let the good times roll in the beautiful Louisiana!)
by Terra Eugenie March 03, 2008
The best place on earth, despite what outsiders say. Bruh I'm from Houma and we got it all, nasty beautiful Cajuns, alligators, armadillos, and great food. What else could you wont.
Bruh looka dat der armadiller, go git da shotgun and make a hat wit it.
by Rodney Billiot August 08, 2005
Louisiana is the best state in the world. We have New Orleans Jazz, New Orleans Bounce music, Baton Rouge Jigg music, Cajun music, and Zydeco music. We is home to Southern Jaguars, L.S.U Tigers, New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Hornets. We eat seafood out here like, crawfish, crabs, and shrimp. We have bayous and swamps out here. Master P, Lil Romeo, Lil Wayne, Brittany Spears, B.G, and Lil Boosie is all from Louisiana. We talk country and city out here too.
Louisiana is the best state in the world.
by chucky17 December 02, 2006
From the Poorest Neighborhoods in Downtown Lafayette, to the richest in Monroe. Louisiana is the best state in America.

Unlike most retards on here think, Louisiana isn't full of drunken rednecks and cajuns(except in Laplace, Eunice, Westlake etc.) I'm from Lake Charles and our population here is mostley African American.
You may think 75% of the population here in Louisiana is Redneck or Cajun, but I sure as hell know I'm not.
by Fuck Mississippi May 13, 2005
Home of the Sugar Bowl Champions in 2003. Nobody knows how the Fighting Tigers even became champions. Many people believe it to be the work of aliens.

Louisiana is not full of rednecks and hicks. The only places where the population is more than 75% redneck are Laplace, De Ridder, and Houma. New Orleans is perhaps most famous for its car dealer commericals.

You won't find any better deal in the south! Dahlin!
by Mirei July 21, 2005
Contrary to popular northern belief, we do NOT all live on house boats, have pet alligators, or travel to school in pirouges. Crawfish, is NOT a crayfish or a bug, it is a delcicous shellfish esspecially when boiled with lots of seasoning, and dipped in a mixture of kethcup, mayo, tony's, and tobasco. One more thing, "yall" is not strange, or hick talk. It is just a contraciton using the words "you" and "all." Oh, and the Saints are not just New Orleans' team, they are all of Louisiana and parts of Mississippi and Alabama's team. I am proud to be from Louisiana and call it home. It is somewhere where it is an instant reaction to use words like "yes mamn," and "no mamn," please and thankyou, without realizing it. Manners are important here, no matter how much class you may think you have or not. And Louisiana is where when the gass prises are high we are happy, this means our state economy is doing really well. If you have'nt been to Louisiana (or were too scared that you would experience a culture shock) come on down we don't bite!
I love Louisiana!
by Peace*Love*Dance February 18, 2010
Only about the best fucking state ever! Everything about LA is totally unique to the south. You can hardly put us with the rest of the southern states, except for the fact that we pwn on the sourthern charm. We've got the food, accent and ghost stories to knock your socks off. Deep south LA will totally bring you straight into the voodoo, creole, alligators-hiding-in-the-swamps LA you think of. Home to the third largest port city in the world, New Orleans, Louisiana is drenched in history. Louisiana holds three of the longest bridges in the world: Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, the Manchac Swamp Bridge, and the Atchafalaya Basin bridge. Also, Gambit, who's the single most bad-ass X-Man of all is from New Orleans.

A tip for northern tourists; don't call New Orleans "Nawlins." We will make fun of you.
Visit beautiful Louisiana. "Louisiana: Fuck yeah."
by lawlswhut May 02, 2009
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