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1 definition by lawlswhut

Only about the best fucking state ever! Everything about LA is totally unique to the south. You can hardly put us with the rest of the southern states, except for the fact that we pwn on the sourthern charm. We've got the food, accent and ghost stories to knock your socks off. Deep south LA will totally bring you straight into the voodoo, creole, alligators-hiding-in-the-swamps LA you think of. Home to the third largest port city in the world, New Orleans, Louisiana is drenched in history. Louisiana holds three of the longest bridges in the world: Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, the Manchac Swamp Bridge, and the Atchafalaya Basin bridge. Also, Gambit, who's the single most bad-ass X-Man of all is from New Orleans.

A tip for northern tourists; don't call New Orleans "Nawlins." We will make fun of you.
Visit beautiful Louisiana. "Louisiana: Fuck yeah."
by lawlswhut May 02, 2009