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4 definitions by rolisk

Where it occurred to me that the finest Hooters in the country are all located in College towns south of the Mason Dixon Line.
Best Hooters in the world Baton Rouge Louisiana, Worst Hooter in the World New York City.

Sorry New York.
by rolisk August 03, 2005
A form of retaliation/payback/retribution.
If your mother comes home drunk from the PTA meeting one more time I'm gonna give her the what-for (what-fer).
by rolisk December 15, 2005
the opposite of a computer geek.
Jim used to have a computer, but it crashed one day and now he thinks it's broken for good. He has been offline for 3 years now. What a Computer Stooge!
by rolisk August 02, 2007
when a combination of intoxcation - and tomfoolery leads to stupidity.
Jim had arrived at plow monkey status, having mixed his own drinks all day.

Watch-out! He's gone completely plow monkey!
by rolisk August 04, 2005