Laughing on the inside. The best alternative to lol, because 99.76% of the time when one writes lol, they are not really laughing out loud, but are amused nonetheless.
person1: dude have you seen my new scar?

person2: you got a new scar? how did you get it?

person1: action-farting...

person2: wtf?! loti!
by Edrease P. February 20, 2008
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1. Laughing On The Inside - finding something so funny you don't make any outward facial or bodily expressions, you instead piss yourself mentally.
Guy 1; Dude, why aren't you laughing? that was hilarious!!
Guy 2; I'm LOTIing!
by LOLGASM April 24, 2013
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Text acronym for Laughing On The Inside.

LOTI is used when the person who you are texting with said something that makes you have an inside chuckle.

this is used in situations where LOL (Laughing Out Loud) or ROTFLOL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud) are just too extreme to describe the laugh that you had.
Friend says something that is only slightly funny, you reply with LOTI.
by TextMaster November 28, 2013
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Girl #1: So, I went to the store today and the guy in front of me in line was wearing a pink thong.
Girl #2: LOTIS! I'd LOL, but I'm at work now.
by kristentx86 December 21, 2007
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"Laughing On The Inside"
1. a term used on IM that means pretty much the same as "LOL", but truer, because who ACTUALLY laughs out loud?
2. when you really want to laugh at something, but can't
1. dude101: i'm such a nerd, i've been watching all the Lord Of The Rings movies in a row! i'm so fucking tired!
dudette200: *LOTI*
2. dudette200: uggghhh, in eng. class 2day, teh teacher was reading some chronically ancient poem with the word "gay" in it, and i was like totally LOTI!!
by dudette_x August 30, 2007
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Rather unitelligent penis shaped mammal, that sucks at hockey, and sucks on Mrs. Cooper's bloody cock!!!
Hey look it's Lotis
by Sterling May 02, 2003
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by ArcticStarite From YT January 17, 2013
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