laughing on the inside. thought of by u.d.shannon
basically conveys that what your correspondent said was funny but honestly, if you always laughed out loud when you said "lol" you would draw some rather strange looks
correspondent: get to the other side!!!
you: loti
by iamthereforeIB April 10, 2011
Instant messaging shortcut (Laughing On The Inside) Used for when you laugh on the inside so no one else sees.
Did you just loti.....?
by Fat Italian May 02, 2010
Laughing On The Inside
by griffinphoenix September 20, 2009
Laughing On The Inside- Refers to a situation where a person asks why you arent laughing at their joke, and you reply that your LOTI-ing.
"Joe, that was a joke. As in Haha youre supposed to laugh"

"Oh dont worry Karen, I was LOTI-ing"
by WOWMOMLOL May 04, 2009
Laughing On The Inside,

9/10 of the time I DON'T Laugh Out Loud; LOL,

but I want my text to convey to them that i thought what they
did or sound was funny and made me smile or laugh on the inside...It's like they get a B+ on the funny scale instead of an A+
( insert Quasi, semi, sort of funny text)
{ respond } LOTI thats kinda funny my friend.
by Kazmolicious February 26, 2009
Laughing on the inside, a way of subtly expressing your laughing during internet chat. Can also be used when texting. Is almost exclusively lower cased. The progression goes, haha -> loti -> lol -> LOL -> lmao -> etc etc
person 1 - see the new c&h comic?

person 2 - loti thats pretty good.
by boobielover February 11, 2009
"Laughing On The Inside"
1. a term used on IM that means pretty much the same as "LOL", but truer, because who ACTUALLY laughs out loud?
2. when you really want to laugh at something, but can't
1. dude101: i'm such a nerd, i've been watching all the Lord Of The Rings movies in a row! i'm so fucking tired!
dudette200: *LOTI*
2. dudette200: uggghhh, in eng. class 2day, teh teacher was reading some chronically ancient poem with the word "gay" in it, and i was like totally LOTI!!
by dudette_x August 30, 2007

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