Laughing on the inside. When people use the phrase "lol" half of the time they are truly not laughing out loud.
I am Loti. You are Loti. We are all Loti.
by Kim M August 14, 2007
Internet slang acronym for "Laughing On The InSide"
Girl #1: So, I went to the store today and the guy in front of me in line was wearing a pink thong.
Girl #2: LOTIS! I'd LOL, but I'm at work now.
by kristentx86 December 21, 2007
Huge Pimp
Damn look at Merlin he is a huge LOTIS
by Lotis March 26, 2003
n. A really really really big flaming homosexual. - see homo
Look at that lotis, jeez i would kill myself if i was a lotis like that guy!
by Poonany March 26, 2003
Rather unitelligent penis shaped mammal, that sucks at hockey, and sucks on Mrs. Cooper's bloody cock!!!
Hey look it's Lotis
by Sterling May 02, 2003
A homosexual French-Canadian that enjoys getting rammed up the ass.
Man, that guy looks like such a Lotis.
by Your Mother July 20, 2003
laughing on the inside
When someone falls over, "hahaha loti"
by Lilrolla May 14, 2015

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