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Laughing on the inside. When people use the phrase "lol" half of the time they are truly not laughing out loud.
I am Loti. You are Loti. We are all Loti.
by Kim M August 14, 2007
1 2
Internet slang acronym for "Laughing On The InSide"
Girl #1: So, I went to the store today and the guy in front of me in line was wearing a pink thong.
Girl #2: LOTIS! I'd LOL, but I'm at work now.
by kristentx86 December 21, 2007
4 12
Huge Pimp
Damn look at Merlin he is a huge LOTIS
by Lotis March 26, 2003
3 13
n. A really really really big flaming homosexual. - see homo
Look at that lotis, jeez i would kill myself if i was a lotis like that guy!
by Poonany March 26, 2003
2 12
Rather unitelligent penis shaped mammal, that sucks at hockey, and sucks on Mrs. Cooper's bloody cock!!!
Hey look it's Lotis
by Sterling May 02, 2003
4 15
A homosexual French-Canadian that enjoys getting rammed up the ass.
Man, that guy looks like such a Lotis.
by Your Mother July 20, 2003
2 16