A slang term used in online conversations, with the meaning "Laughing My F****** Ass Off"

See lmao and lol.
I heard The Game was excommunicated from G-Unit, and I lmfao at him."
by Charles March 01, 2005
The most party rockin band ever!! No one could ever compeat.
The two cool guys who leaad the band are Redfoo and Skyblu.
Awesome person: Hey did you see LMFAO's new music video?

Lame guy: who is LMFAO..?

Awesome person: ..*huge gasp*
by Chubaca's love child September 25, 2011
Lick, moan, fu*k and orgasm
Honey, I don't wanna talk too much after sex, so let's just LMFAO
by Jean Tremblay January 22, 2008

Only the most sick band ever! Inventors of Party-Rock. You dont grove to LMFAO, You can suck it!

person 1: I hope I make it to the LMFAO show tonight, But i am Drunk as F***!

person 2: Not an excuse! Party-Rock is all about being an alcoholic!

Person 1: I got a red bull and vodka up in my hand!
LMFAO Rock the beat and rock the show
by dankstar1000 October 21, 2009
Probably one of the best Electro-hop groups known. Every song they have remixed or made is considered a huge success. Most of their songs are well-known throughout the music industry today.

Some of their singles include: La La La, Yes and I'm In Miami Trick.

They have remixed many songs such as Shooting Star, Love Lockdown and Hot N Cold. Their remixes are just as popular as their singles, if not more.
Person 1: Yoooo do you like electro?
Person 2: Nahh man, i hate it.
Person 1: Well you'll like it once you listen to LMFAO. *makes Person 2 listen to Shooting Star*
Person 2: Woahhh man this is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love electro now!
by theshootingstar October 27, 2009
L:Laughing M:My F:Face A:All O:Off
Random Dude:My God! Selene you're so beautiful
Selene: LMFAO
by SeleneMurderScene January 23, 2008
Laugh my fly ass off .. lolx
ant:That chick looks like you.
Jevaughn: lmfao
by Jevaughn September 29, 2007

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