LMFAO is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which stands for "Laughing My F***ing Ass Off"

LMFAO is an American electro pop duo consisting of rappers, producers, dancers, and DJs Redfoo and his nephew SkyBlu.
"Did you watch the LMFAO perform on stage?"
"I got an F on my test" I then said to the teacher "LMFAO!" (In this case L stands for Laugh not Laughing)
by al qaeda March 14, 2012
this is an abriviation that most people use instead of typing the longer version LAUGH MY FUCKING ASS OFF
britney spears : i got a new hair cut

justin timberlake: LMFAO u shaved your head!
by foxy lady 25 July 13, 2011
lmfao meens:


there is also a group called LMFAO. they are good. check them out. ;)
angela: did you hear about lauren falling down the stair at school?!?!

ariel: LMFAO.
by angieeeeeeeee9 September 11, 2009
1.stands for Laughing My Fucking Ass Off
2.the famous american electro pop duo (Redfoo and SkyBlu)
-Hey, do you know LMFAO?
-Yes, they rock!
by Nuke's Lab December 04, 2011
1. Laughing My Fat Ass Off
2. Laughing My Fucking Ass Off
bob says: boomshackalacka
rick says: lmfao!!!
by Antimo November 09, 2008
Laughing my farting ass off.

LOL. But really it means:

Laughing my fucking ass off.
NeedALifeGirl1: The other day I was shopping at the childrens place..

NeedALifeGirl2: lol.

NeedALifeGirl1: and OMG. a little gurl was making fun of me. ugh

NeedALifeGirl2: LMFAO.
NeedALifeGirl1: STFU
NeedALifeGirl2: u know im joking..
NeedALifeGirl1: LMFAO. kk.
by LMFAOuser February 16, 2010

Lucifer Must Fear And Obey





Lmfao in similer like AC/DC. In these words is a hidden message.
by anonimek November 07, 2011

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